YUKON WOMEN IN MUSIC - (YWIM) is a non-profit origanization for women musicians in the Yukon

Yukon Women in Music (YWIM) is a volunteer run organization that meets regularly to organize concerts, workshops and fund raising events, as well as to provide networking opportunities for women in Whitehorse  and Yukon communities.

A resource for women musicians in the Yukon:

• workshops
• songwriting circles
• performance opportunities
• mentorship opportunities

Come Spend the Week Being Creative! Music And Art - Workshop - Keno City 

Keno City is at the end of the road about 285 km southeast of Dawson City and 465 KM north of Whitehorse, but it is an amazing little town full of history and colourful people. The population is about 14 give or take. 

It will be an amazing place to spend the week of Aug 1-7 getting outside of your head. Putting your eyes, hands and heart to work making art. Or putting your ears, voice and heart to work making music. And even share it with others if you are so inclined at the nightly performances and art displays of new and old works. Its a time to have meaningful conversations with other creative minded people or those wanting to tap into their creative source. And also an amazing place to make time to get lost in thought. 

All for $100 for 20 creative workshops in art and music and a week of your time. Paint and paper provided for workshops. You'll need your own supplies for your personal creative time. To register visit: 

Accommodations available during the workshop Aug 1 - 7 include outdoor camping, and indoor lodging. 

The historic Keno City Hotel is giving a great deal to first registered, first serve participants. A full week from July 31 - Aug 7 costs only $300/room (it's the same if you get there on Aug 1). Restaurant is downstairs if you wish to purchase meals. As with other lodging in town, the bathroom is down the hall. www.facebook.com/KenoCityHotel  

The brand new Silvermoon Bunkhouse is available as well and has a deal of $700 for the week (from July 31 - Aug 7) and includes a full shared kitchen. If you are booked from Aug 1 - 7 it's only $600.  

Lighting the Christmas Tree Event 

Hello YWIM community,

1. We are currently looking for singers to join us on December 5th at the Lighting of the Christmas Tree Event. (It is in the afternoon, and are just waiting for a confirmation of the time that they need us.) This is the third year that Yukon Women in Music has led the Christmas Carols right after the Lighting of the Tree, downtown in front of the White Pass building and it is a lot of fun. There is no payment involved, though YWIM does receive an honorarium of $150.00 that goes toward programming. Please let us know if you an join us...as they say, the more, the merrier! It is only a short time commitment of under 30 minutes.

2. Our annual YWIM Bakers Dozen Christmas concert and Bake Sale is Saturday, December 12th and we are finalizing our performers for this concert. Everyone (13-baker's dozen) does one song with a Christmas/holiday theme. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested in playing at this concert. We have to have performers confirmed by Thursday, November 19th for advertising. There will be a small honorarium offered to perform. Also...we will be selling baked goods and looking for members to donate something baked or sweet, if you could, for this sale.

Song Rise 

YWIM’s  4th Compilation CD   -    December 6, 2012

           Andrea Burgoyne   “The Night Wins”
           Sylvie Painchaud   “Me Voila”
           Kim Rogers   “I’m the Girl”
           Claire Ness   “Call of the Yukon”
           Karen Furlong   “Fear and Common Sense”
           Blue Hibou   “Courir Sur La Plage”
           Brenda Berezan   “Slide Over”
           Lauren Tuck   “Pourquoi”
           Sara MacDonald   “The Sun Too Will Die”
           Kate Weekes & Keitha Clark with Home Sweet Home   “Sense of Distance”
           Rose Kirchner   “Fireweed”
           Fawn Fritzen   “I’m a Fool for You”
           Nicole Edwards   “I Still Have Something”
           BJ MacLean   “This Road”

There were a total of 22 submissions for this project and 14 applicants were selected to have their song on the final CD.  The selections were made by an outside jury of 6 members of the Canadian music scene arranged for YWIM by Music Yukon. Comments came back from jury members that they were impressed by the high quality of the submissions and that it was difficult for them to make their final decisions.

Song Rise - 2012 YWIM CD Release

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Previous events



PINE LAKE CAMPGROUND, Haines Junction, Yukon

Acoustic music in the campgrounds. Performances by local YWIM musicians. FREE! Family Friendly! Door Prizes!



JOHNSON LAKE Campground, Faro, Yukon

Acoustic music in the campgrounds. Performances by local YWIM musicians. FREE! Family Friendly! Door Prizes!




Acoustic music in the campgrounds. Performances by local YWIM musicians. FREE! Family Friendly! Door Prizes!


Teslin Campground, Teslin, Yukon

Acoustic music in the campgrounds. Performances by local YWIM musicians. FREE! Family Friendly! Door Prizes! Music jam after concert. CD's for sale!

YWIM presents The Bakers Dozen 3rd Annual CHRISTMAS CONCERT & Bake Sale

United Church, 601 Main Street, Whitehorse, Yukon

Doors @ 7:30pm Concert @ 8:00pm Tickets $15 or $10 for members, seniors, & youth Accepting Donations for the Food Bank.

YUKON WOMEN IN MUSIC Coffee House Concert

RecPlex, Whitehorse

Saturday, November 21st, 8:00PM Lots of talent! Meagan Haddock BJ McLean Kate Weekes Selina Hayligers-Hare Kendra Hotson

10$ Admission



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Westmark (Tagish Room)

Yukon Women in Music AGM is this Friday, September 25th, at 5:30 at the Westmark (Tagish Room). Come join us to hear what Yukon Women in Music has been up to for the last year, and what our plans are for the upcoming year and how you can get involved