Call Out for Project Manager - YWIM Annual Fundraising Concert

Date:       February 3, 2018 

Fee:        Volunteer 

Deadline: December 15, 2017 

Reply to: 

Description: YWIM is looking for a member (or members) to organize and produce the annual fundraising concert. In lieu of a holiday concert in December, the February date is designed to celebrate the closing of winter and the return of the sun.

This concert is intended to raise money for upcoming YWIM events and projects. Production, performances and sound technician will be on a volunteer basis. 

Producer Responsibilities will include: 

Reporting to the YWIM Board, work within the established event budget to create and produce a unique musical experience while helping YWIM to continue funding projects, support workshops, mentorship and performance opportunities 
Organize the call out and selection of YWIM performers 
Develop themed promotional materials, in consultation with YWIM’s Communications Lead and Website Lead 
Research and apply for any permits or fees required for the event/venue 
Secure a sound technician (YWIM owns a sound system if needed for venue) 
Work with venue staff to organize front of house, including ticket sales and any other fundraising initiative included in the event 
Manage the cash acquired at the event and submit a brief written report to YWIM Treasurer of all transactions related to the event 


Please submit a brief description of your “vision” for the concert format to: 
Include any relevant experience or skills you would like us to know about! 
Include contact information 
Applicants/Participants must be current YWIM member(s). 

(Membership year is July 1 – June 30. Please ensure your membership is up to date) 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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