Come Spend the Week Being Creative! Music And Art - Workshop - Keno City

Keno City is at the end of the road about 285 km southeast of Dawson City and 465 KM north of Whitehorse, but it is an amazing little town full of history and colourful people. The population is about 14 give or take. 

It will be an amazing place to spend the week of Aug 1-7 getting outside of your head. Putting your eyes, hands and heart to work making art. Or putting your ears, voice and heart to work making music. And even share it with others if you are so inclined at the nightly performances and art displays of new and old works. Its a time to have meaningful conversations with other creative minded people or those wanting to tap into their creative source. And also an amazing place to make time to get lost in thought. 

All for $100 for 20 creative workshops in art and music and a week of your time. Paint and paper provided for workshops. You'll need your own supplies for your personal creative time. To register visit: 

Accommodations available during the workshop Aug 1 - 7 include outdoor camping, and indoor lodging. 

The historic Keno City Hotel is giving a great deal to first registered, first serve participants. A full week from July 31 - Aug 7 costs only $300/room (it's the same if you get there on Aug 1). Restaurant is downstairs if you wish to purchase meals. As with other lodging in town, the bathroom is down the hall. 

The brand new Silvermoon Bunkhouse is available as well and has a deal of $700 for the week (from July 31 - Aug 7) and includes a full shared kitchen. If you are booked from Aug 1 - 7 it's only $600.