Last Cook Shack Session of the season at Million Dollar Falls

YWIM would like to thank BJ McLean for organizing these events. Please see a message from BJ, below. 

"Wow! What a way to end the Cook Shack season! Million Dollar Falls campground is stunning. Our Cook Shack "karma" held. Rained buckets on Friday, and Sat. but we woke to sunshine and mountain views all around us on Saturday! YES! Such a beautiful camp! Large, private sites. Clean and well stocked. Mountain views from most sites, or sites right on the river. Totally worth the extra 70km (?)...less than an hour anyway from Haines Junction. The views on the hwy are amazing. AND probably some of the best hwy I've traveled in the Yukon! Smooth sailing! Once again the YWIM gals AND our jammers rocked the cook shack. Our newest member Ally (all 5 sessions to jam !) as well as Shirley and Gerald, and our littlest jammer Xavier, with Barb, kept the shack going till the wee hours, by the warmth of the wood stove, candles...and my flamingo lights hanging on the music stand. (pics to follow at some point). Thanks to the folks that traveled from Whitehorse and Haines Junction for this final session. Was great to see your smilin' faces in the firelight of the wood stove. Lovely to close the season with Susan Arenburg​ and Barbara Chamberlin​, and the friends that joined us. Thanks for a wonderful summer of music and camping ya'll. Hope to see you around the fire next year! Cheers and happy camping! BJ PS Please remember to go to the Yukon Parks site to fill out their survey for this year. AND if you enjoyed the Cook Shack Sessions...please let YWIM know and Yukon Parks. If you would like to see this happen again, consider becoming a sponsor!" -Bj MacLean​