JAMFEST 2019 MAY 24 - 26


Registration is now open for YWIM Members.

Register and Pay Here.

Participants are asked to answer a few questions when they register/pay. The attached questionnaire can be emailed to Barb c/o Jamfest MarshLake 2019 at bcyukon@mac.com

Questionnaire download PDF

Jamfest Registration Questionnaire:




Contact info:________________________________________


1. Do you plan to camp independently or would you like to have the option to use the basement to sleep in?

The basement can hold about 8 people and you will need to bring your own bedding.
If you are camping, what will you be camping in? (RV’s must be fully self-contained; there is no dumping station available).


2. What instruments do you play?

What instrument/s will you be bringing with you?

Do you have any extra ukeleles, mandolins, or percussion you could bring to share?


3. What mentor would you like sign up for your mentorship with and what instrument?


4. Do you have any food allergies or specific diets you need to follow?

List food allergies:


List diet (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free):


Thank You!  Please  remember to email your responses to these questions upon registering/paying.

You are able to pay for your registration in one of two ways:

Through PayPal here on YWIM's website on our Products page, or
Via e-transfer at: yukonwomeninmusic@gmail.com. (Please use the security question: Where is Jamfest 2019 being held? Answer: marshlake).

Please Note:

YWIM members have first dibs at registration until Saturday, April 27, 2019 at midnight.

Registration to non- YWIM members is open starting April 28th, 2019.



This year's JamFest Teachers are:

Brenda Lee Katerenchuk: Guitarist, teacher and vocalist,  Brenda Lee teaches all styles at her  private studio Leyenda Guitar, in downtown Whitehorse. She’ll be instructing  beginning and intermediate guitar classes, giving participants unique insights to a remarkably satisfying instrument.www.leyendaguitar.com

Roslyn Wilson: This well-known piano teacher, and member ofThe Bennett Sun, is stepping out and sharing another of her many skills as our mandolin and Ukulele instructor.

Pam Phillips: 35+ years of playing in bands (currently the bass player for Shagadelica) has this experienced guitarist/ bass player teaching you beginner level chops on either or both instruments.

Amelia Rose Slobogean: Teaches violin, is an integral member of Canyon Mountain and Stockstill & Rose, and previously of Fishhead Stew, Amelia ‘lives’ violin, with many years of experience behind her.

Barbara Chamberlin: Whitehorse’s Community Choir director and vocalist/keys for Shagadelica, Barbara will help you hear and sing harmonies with her 30 years of teaching voice and extensive harmony studies.

The Marsh Lake JamFest is a musicians retreat and is limited to 25 participants. Registration is on a first-come first-served basis, so be sure to register soon! All genders are welcome.

Cost: $150 for YWIM members; $160 for non-members. Not a member of YWIM? Go to ywim.ca and become one!



Jamfest at Marsh Lake classes


5:00: Arrivals, set up, dinner on your own, snacks provided
7:00-8:15: Guitar 101 for beginners! - Pam Phillips will be teaching you what those strings are for!

8:30-9:45: Ukulele – Roslyn Wilson will help you get that instrument that you bought in Hawaii ready for jamming!

10-??? Evening free for Jamming either by the fire pit or in the cabin.


9:00 Breakfast

10:00 - 11:15: Guitar 102, Brenda Lee Katerenchuk will take you to the next step after you learn some basics on Friday night.

11:30-12:45: Bass 101, Pam Phillips will instruct you on electric bass for beginners and get you on your music journey to the low-end.

1-3: Lunch, rest or mentorships

3:00-4:15: Mandolin 101, Roslyn Wilson - It will be a gentle start on a sweet instrument – simple chords and tunes.

4:30-5:45: Harmony Singing, Barbara Chamberlin - Want to sing harmony to a song, but just can’t get that first note? Learn to get it and then how to use it.

6:00 dinner

7:30-8:45: Percussion, Andrea McColeman – bring your own percussion/drum/tambourine/plastic bucket or borrow Andrea’s and get down to some fun rhythms.

9:00-???: Evening Free for Jam


9:00: Breakfast

10:15-11:30: Violin 101, Amelia Rose - Fiddle around with Amelia

Rose and learn the basic of how to play the violin/fiddle, plus a simple tune in this crash course.

11:45 – 1:00: Guitar 201, You have some basics down, some fun things to do with your basics, now take them a little further with Brenda Lee.

1:00 - wrap up, lunch, tear down

3:00-4:00 - Performance at the Jackalope at the Community Centre

MENTORSHIPS are a way of getting some one-on-one time with an expert musician, on your instrument of choice. Everyone gets one session for half an hour and YWIM pays half of it (? How much do participants pay for the first half hour...$15?). When you sign up, specify which instrument and instructor you’d like to work with. You can do more than half an hour, but it will be $30 for each additional half hour that you want.

Roslyn Wilson – Mandolin, Ukulele, Piano

.Amelia Slobogean – Violin

Brenda Lee – Guitar finger style and rhythm techniques,, songwriting chord theory, repertoire

Andrea McColeman – Percussion, Piano, Accordian, Harmonica Pam Phillips – Electric bass, guitar

Barbara Chamberlin – Voice and harmonies

SNACKS will be provided throughout the weekend, with meals provided Saturday and Sunday. When you sign up, you will be asked about any diet restrictions you have. Please answer them so we know what to prepare for you. A sample menu will be provided if you request it. Amelia Slobogean will be your cook. She is a camp cook that has worked at the Chocolate Claim among other places.

HOUSING - Bring your own tent, trailer or RV as there will be camping spots available onsite, all included in the cost, as well as a few beds available in the home onsite, and the opportunity to “camp out” in the basement. There is one inside washroom and an outhouse. Showers will be rare commodities. You can also camp at the Marsh Lake Campground or stay with a friend in Marsh Lake.

Please email bcyukon@mac.com with questions. Remember, you aren’t registered until you pay and send in your completed questionnaire. We will get back to you with a confirmation.

Thanks and hope to jam with you this May!  

Barbara, Project Manager, & the YWIM Board

Yukon Women in Music


An Open Invitation to Marsh Lake JamFest 2019 

Do you want to jam this summer? Are you looking for ways to learn and develop your playing and singing? Experience jamming in a positive and supportive environment with people who are interested in learning together. Start your summer with an inspirational music jam experience?

In conjunction with Cosco Yukon Outfitting Ltd., Yukon Women in Music (YWIM) will hold a music retreat in Marsh Lake’s Old Constabulary subdivision from Friday evening, May 24, until 4:00 on Sunday, May 26. There will be instruction in guitar, mandolin, harmonies, and other instruments, on how to jam, and more - for both beginner and intermediate players.

Classes are during the day, with jamming on Friday and Saturday evenings around the bonfire, culminating in a performance at the Jackalope in the Marsh Lake Community Centre on Sunday afternoon.

Cost: $150 for YWIM members; $160 for non-members; snacks throughout, and meals provided on Saturday and Sunday.

 Not a member of YWIM? Become a YWIM Member!

Bring your own tent, trailer or RV… there will be lots of camping spots available onsite, all included in the cost. There will also be a few beds available in the home onsite as well as the opportunity to “camp out” in the basement

Please email bcyukon@mac.com to put yourself on the list. This is not a firm commitment, but will put you on a list that I will send more information and registration details out to as soon as teachers are hired and the registration is on the website. The retreat is limited to 25 participants…and registrations will be on a first come first served basis when it all happens! 

Thanks and hope to jam with you this May!

Barbara, Project Manager, & the YWIM Board