Check out the performing opportunities YWIM has to offer.

Cook Shack Sessions 

Acoustic Concerts in the Campgrounds - A unique chance to explore the beauty that surrounds us living in the Yukon.  YWIM members will provide musical performances and jamming opportunities at selected campgrounds during the summer.  Come out and support this musical tour. Be sure to check out this special workshop and performance 'Cook Shack Conrad Campground Session'  to open up the 2017 season!  Go to our 'Cook Shack Sessions' page to learn more.

YWIM et Français

Performing Artist 



            2012 - Song Rise
            2009 - Tether, Hooks & Velcro
            2004 - YWIM Compilation CD
            2000 - Ancient Wisdom,  concert Live in Haines Junction

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- Mac’s Fireweed Books
- CD Plus
- Triple J’s Music Cafe
- Whitehorse International Airport Gift Store
- Unitech
- Woodshine Finishing
- Paradise Alley




MUSIC YUKON - "Music Yukon is at the heart of Yukon’s emergence as a national leader in the creation, production, presentation, sale and distribution of music by Yukon artists."

Song Rise Filled with Diversity and Talent - 

Yukon Women in Music (YWIM) have released their fourth album, which is as musically diverse as their membership.

Founded in 1998, the YWIM collective brings together female singer-songwriters who pool their talent and resources for concerts and recording opportunities. To date, it has released a live album, a sampler of pre-recorded tracks and a more cohesive album with a backing band. The album Song Rise, released in November, is the YWIM's second sampler of new and previously released material.

The songs range from folky BAGWAG (boys and girls with acoustic guitars) to heavy rockers, with some jazz in between. This is what you'd expect from women of various age groups, languages, ethnicities and styles. It celebrates the talent and diversity of female Yukon musicians.